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On the way to 40!

When about to turn 38, I found myself wondering how I would like to get to my 40's. I did a self-analysis and, being very sincere, I found myself dissatisfied with the way I was dealing with my health, that is, always putting it aside.

I wanted to change, and my biggest incentive, beyond my willpower, was my husband, who always remains active. The first step I took was to go back to the gym, and there I started taking classes that I felt comfortable with, even if I was alone. Gradually, I was organizing myself to arrive a little early and try different cardio equipment. In parallel to this, on Sundays, we started doing family activities at the gym, also involving our 2 children instead of staying at home. We had a lot of fun participating in group tennis classes!

In mid-March 2020, we were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic and due to the need for isolation, we had no option but to cancel my new gym routine, children's sports and group activities.

As we have a home gym, we invested in some more equipment so that we were able to continue with training. In the beginning, it was very difficult to combat the lack of courage to train alone and have a new routine at home with the whole family together uninterruptedly. This new reality made me very anxious, and I ended up taking it out on food. The scale relentlessly showed me the reality and this was the warning sign saying that something was going very wrong.

We decided to re-establish a new routine and continue training, however, this time with the supervision of a personal trainer, which was crucial for our return - after all, we signed a commitment with a third party. I confess that many times I went to train unwillingly, but Éverson (my husband) did not give me an easy time, he dragged me to training. Whenever we disconnected from Zoom and turned off the computer, I felt very energized to face the day.

In addition of doing weight training and functional training with the personal and with my husband, I wanted to continue with some of the classes I did at the gym, such as: Yoga, dance and Spinning. I started looking for and using YouTube, and Peloton and TRX apps, and more recently Apple's Fitness+, which features a variety of exercises with different levels of difficulty and options. I can say that I have had a lot of fun with these new classes.

I like to share my new discoveries with others, either to inspire or maybe help with the first steps. We can even exchange stickers about some classes.

Maybe this report will make you feel motivated to start or even continue to exercise frequently, and reap the full benefit of this routine. Just start with a few minutes a day, do some activity that brings you pleasure and fulfillment. Each person knows their own limit and what is good for them.

So, I continue "walking" towards my 4th decade, healthier, with more disposition and certainly feeling better than when I started this process.


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