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Proud Over 40 is a Digital Content Platform aimed at the 40+ universe. Our goal is to provide relevant information so that you can better enjoy the 2nd half of your life! Here you will find content in the areas of Career, Health & Wellness, Relationships and Variety.

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Our motivation

    Reaching the mature stage with health and disposition is a very important milestone for our generation. It is the first time in history that having a long life is not a rarity.  We get a midlife extension bonus and we need to know how to put it to good use!

    The experiences we've had so far give us greater clarity about who we are and where we want to go. We are certainly much more prepared to deal with difficulties and frustrations, prioritizing what really matters, but this does not remove the stigmatized weight of “entities”. A weight that is in the collective unconscious built over centuries and surrounded by prejudices and taboos, after all, the older generations were dependent and fragile at this stage of life.

     It is up to each one of us, through our attitudes, to change this image of obsolescence related to advancing age. We're getting to 40, 50, 60, 70 really well. What prevents us from continuing and even starting over?

    We've always heard that the energy of youthfulness combined with the experience of maturity would be the perfect combination! Well then, we have reached this stage. And how to show this to the world? Through our attitudes!

     When society sees the change in our lifestyle, it will change its behavior with us. We will no longer be judged by our age but by the way we live.

We are together.


     It's your house!

Our mission

Create relevant content so that the 40+ generation feel more prepared and confident to live the 2nd half of life.

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