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How do you feed your soul?

Like our body, our soul also needs to be fed. I´m talking about being aware of ourselves and be conscious about what makes our eyes shine and cherish our hearts.

In order to have a fulfilled life, in addition to physical health, we need to have emotional balance. As we were not educated to think about it, it is not easy to incorporate activities into our daily lives that bring us this balance. However, when maturity arrives, we are much more demanding in relation to the use of our time. We no longer have all the time in the world, as we would have believed to have when we were younger and the need to fulfill and align our values ​​with the activities we are carrying out gains importance.

Most of our time is filled with responsibilities and there is no way to change it. We don´t have a lot of free time and we need to use it very well in order to generate value for our lives. It seems like an easy task, but it is not! This requires discipline and commitment. Taking a peek on social media is enough to lose the only moment of the day we had to dedicate ourselves.

When the pandemic spread, in March last year, I decided to re-establish my daily meditation and exercise routine and for that I decided to wake up a little earlier and not open any apps on my phone, except for Spotify I use it to meditate. So there was no risk of wasting too much time on social media. It wasn't easy at first, but as time went by and it became a habit, I didn't need to be convinced that I needed to check my cell phone to see if there were any important messages.

The simple fact of having lunch or dinner in the terrace, exercising outdoors, listening to music, watching a good movie, talking to a friend, reading a fashion or decoration magazine, going to the beach or watching the sunset makes me very happy and gives me the feeling that my day was worth it. So I always try to fit some of those things into my routine. Those are very simple things that require little effort, but if I don't prioritize, the day goes by and I only "survive". The feeling of doing something that gives me pleasure is very good! I earn my day!

If we adjust our focus to bring joy to our hearts,

we will increase our energy and feed our souls.

Because of the pandemic, I was unable to go to Brazil with my family for Christmas and we decided to spend a few days in Florida in order to take a break in the Michigan winter. The fact of being on the beach, listening to the noise of the sea and stepping on the sand (even with some rainy and even cold days), renewed my energies. We decided to go to Key West and it was an amazing experience! In fact, if there's one thing that feeds my soul, it's traveling! In pandemic times, it became a luxury item!

Exercising is important, as well as a balanced diet, but small pleasures are very important in our lives, as they will give us the perception we are bringing value to our lives. Change your habits. Start and finish your day by feeding your soul.

Look at my happy face in the video made by my husband riding a bicycle by the sea of Key West.


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