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Planning in chaos

Before you think about staring to make plans for 2021 is crazy, given so many uncertainties about the impacts of covid-19, I warn you that not planning can be even worse.

It would be wonderful to be able to say goodbye to the chaos that has settled in our lives this year and start writing a new story. However, 2021 is knocking on the door and we still have no solution to solve problems caused by the pandemic.

In the midst of so many uncertainties, perhaps a first thought will present itself willing to convince us that there is no benefit of planning. Maybe you are feeling tired from the effort to survive all this. This is where one more challenge begins. Perceive your feelings and thoughts in order to act on them. It is important to place intent and purpose in what you wish to ACCOMPLISH, even in such adverse circumstances.

Faced with the inevitable and with a strong desire that we will indeed have a year of abundance in freedom, integrity and resources, we need to start somewhere to reflect what and how we have lived the last 12 months. And in my opinion, the best starting point is always where we are now. Therefore, we will take a look back, especially with regard to internal aspects, and then we will be ready to think and create a new year.

Obviously, we don’t control everything. Just to give you an idea, I traveled at the end of January to Brazil, with the intent of coming back in April and only managed to return in November, due to the pandemic. I had no choice but to adjust my plans to what was possible to accomplish within this new condition.

Considering the resources that you have in the moment, how can you accomplish what you want? Stop concerning yourself with what you don’t control and start to focus intently on what you do.

We all have a modus operandi to work. Knowing your way of working brings clarity to seeing where you help yourself and where you are your own enemy. Powerful questions are allied in the process of building thought and self-knowledge. And the answers will be the foundation for the next step: Start planning the next year.

Here is a selection of good questions for you. Prepare your tea, paper and pen, and quietly answer each one. And for sure, it is important to take note of your answers. Be genuine! Your story is unique in beauty and love!

  1. What is the main lesson learned in 2020?

  2. What new skills have you learned this year?

  3. What new habits have you introduced into your routine? What habits did you leave behind?

  4. What else are you proud to have accomplished this year?

  5. What was the best decision you took?

  6. What don’t you want to bring with you for next year?

  7. What have you failed in?

  8. How fair and kind did you treat yourself when you failed?

  9. If you could come back in time, what would you have done differently?

  10. What have you done to grow in your career?

  11. What have you done for your physical and mental health?

  12. How did you take care of your finances?

  13. What did you do for fun and self-care?

  14. How have you evolved in your relationships (intimate, family, friends)?

  15. Which person had a significant impact on your life?

  16. What was your memorable moment?

  17. What did you accomplished that you really enjoyed and makes you feel fulfilled?

  18. What energized you? And what drained your energy?

  19. What are you grateful for?

  20. What do you leave unfinished business this year?

  21. What advice would you have given yourself one year ago?

  22. How would you present your year to a stranger in 30 seconds?

Tell us how you felt doing this exercise. Your experience inspires us.

Does this reflection make sense to you? Share it with your friends.

Do you want to talk more about any topic? I am going to love talking to you.

Credits photos:

Cover - Karolina Grabowska by Pixabay

Text - Olya Adamovich by Pixabay


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